What is a vaporizer?

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer, sometimes referred to as a Trippy Stick, electronic cigarette, E-Cig, Atomizer, Cartomizer, Vape Pens or E- Pen is a device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapor, sometimes used for medicinal inhalation.

A vaporizer heats up your chosen substance to a temperature at which they release their active components into an aromatic vapor. In this process, your substance is not scorched, burned or combusted, and thus no smoke is generated. Although vapor may appear to resemble smoke, it doesn't contain any of the toxic particles (tar, benzene, toluene, naphthalene etc.) Which make smoking such a health hazard. Vaporizing is a cleaner, healthier and a more efficient alternative to smoking.

Vaporization is an extremely convenient, easy way to ingest herbs and maximize their intended effects.


What is the difference between smoke and vapor?

Unlike vapor, smoke contains toxic particles plus many toxic gases and tars produced by combustion of plant material.



A vaporizer directs a heat through your herbs, oils, or concentrates so that the active components melt and create an aromatic vapor. Ideally, this vapor doesn't contain any tars or unwanted gasses.


Why vaporize?

Once smoking has become a habit, vaporizing might not seem the most attractive way to administer herbs or oils such as tobacco, Cannabis, Wild dagga, Blue lotus or Damiana. Perhaps you can't picture yourself inhaling through a plastic tube, or some pricey electrical device. But, once tried it's hard to deny the benefits. We listed 10 benefits vaporizing has when you compare it to smoking.

1.     No more smelly ashtrays, sticky pipe heads, clogged water pipes or stained fingers and teeth.

2.     No smoke in your room or building. Directly after exhaling, the aromatic vapor can be smelled by someone sitting nearby, but it doesn't travel far, and doesn't hang around for long. It certainly won't make anyone cough or experience any of the other common side effects of "secondary smoke". The smell doesn't get into anyone's clothes, car upholstery or furniture.

3.     Vaporizing is much more efficient than smoking. You need less doses for an equally powerful effect. And because vapor doesn't irritate the lungs, you can keep it inside for longer, thus facilitating the absorption of more of its active components.

4.     Vaporizing is much healthier than smoking. Not just for the throat and lungs but for the entire body. Tar, toxic gasses, radioactive particles and numerous free radicals are all absent or significantly reduced, depending on the quality of the vaporizer.

5.     Easy to dose.  Simply inhale until you've reached the desired level of relief. Vaporizing gives the immediate effect that smoking gives you, but without the negative side effects of the smoke itself.

6.     Less chance of getting caught. Since the smell is very mild, it doesn't resemble that of a pipe or blunt, and doesn't travel far.

7.     There is no fire involved. No more burn marks on clothes or car. Fire hazards are also eliminated.

8.     No more papers or wraps. Lighters are also obsolete. NO MORE TOXIC TOKES!!!!

9.     Ideal for smoking at work and in other closed environments. Compared to smoking, there is hardly any noticeable smell when vaporizing. There can be a slight scent. Vaporizers are safe to use without having to worry about the smell.

10.   Easier on your wallet. You no longer have to spend time and money buying packs of cigarettes since a few drops of your preferred oils or concentrate can be equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes. Good for all day vaping. 


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